Thursday, June 29, 2006

Epsom Salts and Lavender Tea

Okay, so I did my reading and decided that an Epsom Salt bath and some herbal lavender tea would be a good way for us to end GM's day. He readily agreed to it. He really wants this gluten out of his system, he WANTS to feel good. He soaked (laying down) in the bath for twenty minutes (the time most sites said was appropriate) then got out and wrapped up in a towel and went to lay down on his bed.

I decided to make him an herbal tea and added some lavender to it. I made the tea and then let it cool a bit so he would drink it. Now I have tried this in the past with NO SUCCESS!! However I went in and explained to him that this tea would help him to rest tonight and that it is important for him to drink it to feel better. I also said he may not love it, but it isnt disgusting either. He said okay and drank it. He said it wasnt too bad. I had to have him drink it within five-ten minutes so he wouldnt drag it out all night and he did it! I am sooooo happy right now. Then he said he wanted to just have some quiet time in his room alone for a bit to finish his resting he started in the tub!!!! I was really happy to hear this, and immediately gave him his space!!!! YIPPY SKIPPY!!! :-)

Im so happy to end today on a good note! We're going to get through this and move into a whole new level of joy in his life. It's all about finding that joy!!!


Tammi said...

Great news! Keep the faith - it gets better. Tammi

Blissfulbee said...

Thanks Tammi! The salts worked really well!!! We will do it again tonight. Have you done a cider vinegar bath??