Thursday, June 29, 2006

When things fall apart

Okay, so I did well this morning. The kitchen is clean, the kids had breakfast, I made a nice salad for my husband and got the boys to get their room picked up. However we are in need of a big family hug. My son is having a hard time and having one of us feeling so out of sort has just thrown us all off our rhythm. I am exhausted. I am having to breath in patience at every turn and try to keep telling myslef that he will get through this, and that we will be better off once we come out the other side of this transitional time.

However, I am kidding myself if I think we can try to move through our days as though we arent in the middle of a difficult time for our family. No it isnt huge, or life shattering, but it is demanding the attention it needs. So I have decided to give into it. We are all going to spend our afternoon in my big bed, in our jammies, snuggled up to watch a movie together. We can all snuggle up and feel comforted by one another, while not having to really communicate or cooperate. I think sometimes when things feel like they are falling apart, these are the times when you really need to pull them in closer. It is a short period of time when we can just grab up our family and say "lets all just snuggle". So I am declaring this afternoon.... Snuggle Time! :-) The boys are excited, and are picking out a movie that they want to share with Mommy and ME. GM asked if we can have some popcorn, I figure sure, why not, its a party afterall!!

On another note, yesterday when GM and I were talking about some of the difficulties we are having right now, GM said to me that he really doesnt ever want to have gluten again. He wants it out of his system too. I just hope we get the results I have told him we are going for. He knows we need to give it six months from the last time he had gluten to see if it works, but still lets hope we know sooner!


APKimberMama said...

I think you are making wise choices to support your family as you go through this transition. I faced a lot of illness last fall, which only got worse as I detoxified. Lessons had to get put on hold quite often, and only the bare minimum got done with the house. I did focus a lot of energy on creating vegan whole foods meals from scratch.

I think you'll find there are some benefits to going GF at this later age, and some drawbacks. GM will be more internally motivated once he feels better (J-Baby absolutely knows that gluten is going to cause him some bad physical symptoms, although he doesn't understand the behavioral link). The bad thing is that the kids have had lots of yummy foods filled with gluten and casein, and it is harder to make the switch in terms of their taste buds and preferences. There is one up side to that - GM probably won't like the prepared GF snack foods you can buy at the co-op, which is good because they are expensive.

Once you get past having to avoid sugar so much there are plenty of GF treats you can make. The muffin and brownie recipes I sent you have worked well for us. Another winner is homemade sorbet; unfortunately the easiest sorbets are citrus which J-Baby can't have. I'm going to work on coconut milk ice cream too. I also saw a peanut butter cookie recipe on King Arthur Flour that looked easily adaptable. Now the trick is getting the boys to eat peanut butter cookies. I even used to make pb cookies as a child that were just 1 C. pb, 1 C. white granulated sugar, and 1 egg. And don't forget meringue cookies, either store bought or homemade.

Blissfulbee said...

thanks Kimberly! He is dong so well with the diet this time. Not one real complaint. He eats the food so well, and hasnt gotten upset about the foods he isnt getting to have. I think he really WANTS to feel good, and he wants to be happy. We had our gardening class this morning and he did pretty well. I was nervous, but he held it together pretty well. He wasnt quite engaged but we will get there again.

Im enjoying the research and the freedom of cooking our foods from whole organic ingredients. I know our entire family will benefit.

With our CSA and being able to get all local meats, eggs, milk, and produce, I really feel like we are getting closer and closer to having our foods go directly from the farm to our table.