Friday, June 02, 2006


Well this morning is GM's first farming class at our CSA. Im so excited about this class and what they will do. It is a small group of only homeschooled kids, and they will each learn a lot about the farm and gardening. They each get a patch of land to cultivate and in the end they will get to sell their veggies at the farmer's market. I mean how cool is that? GM wants to sell some of our veggies we are growing here at the market too. I think it could be a fun and interesting experience for him. If he is still really into doing it, we will look more into it later in the summer. In the meantime, Im just so happy he gets to do this class. It will be a bit of a challenge at first because he has friends who are doing it too, and it is at our CSA farm, so he is used to going there and getting to run around a bit and just visit the chickens. Now he will need to focus and listen and participate. I did not sign GD up for it because I just felt it was a better experience for when he is nine or in his third grade year. I know a lot of people signed up some pretty young kids, so it will be interesting to see if GD is bummed or if GM is too distracted. Initially they were going to seperate the older and the younger kids, but I think that now they are just having them all together. Which is fine but it makes me feel bad that GD isnt doing it now. We'll see.

I need to pack some water and snacks for GM (he wont eat most of the produce they have) and be sure he has a good hat etc... Ive been so excited about this, and about how well it fits into our family goals. The class runs through early September meeting 8 times throughout the summer. Hopefully in the end he will have an even better feel for farming, gardening and where our food is coming from.


APKimberMama said...

What a fantastic resource to have!

It is probably too bad that they have younger and older children mixed together; while I am all for mixed age groups when appropriate, I do think that farming is a great block for 3rd grade and I hope the younger children don't take away some of the learning for the older children.

tracy said...

That sounds awesome Kari! We are having a great strawberry year in our garden and while A asked if we could sell some-I don't think we're ready for that(besides J eats many before we get in the backdoor.)I hope GM enjoys the class!


Blissfulbee said...

Well it worked out great! Several people didnt make it to class so it ended up only being 6 kids total and all were over 7. I think next time will possibly be different but WOW did they love it. I was concerned that they would want to goof off too much, but they were so into it that they were all terrific. We stayed until almost 12 because after the class time part the kids all got to gather all the eggs from the chickens and eat snacks (fresh strawberries, that they picked, cantelope and kiwi). We buy our organic chicken feed from Monte (it is very hard to find) so we got some feed while we were there. It is stuff like this that makes me LOVE that we homeschool. Just the greatest day filled with so much learning in a cool relaxed environment. I loved it!