Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well, I am doing research this morning on how to help my son through this gluten detox period. He is a mess, truly a mess and I cant stand to see him so miserable and not be able to help him through it. I will order him some enzymes to help break the gluten and cassein down and get them out of his system faster. He havent yet cut out cassein because we need to get through this stage one first. Although if it will cause another detox period like this, I may wish we had just gone cold turkey to get to the other side faster. This is hard, not the diet, that is going great, but the emotional roller caster that he is on is just really hard right now.

So for today I plan to...

  • order the enzymes we need
  • find a naturopath here who can help us with some of this
  • make lavender waffles for the kids
  • Bake a loaf of bread for grilling sandwiches
  • Clean the kitchen (kids outside in yard playing)
  • Clean the living room (kids still oustide in yard playing)
  • Make a grilled Salmon salad for lunch with Dad
  • Clean the front room (office) - Quiet time for the kids (games, legos and reading)
  • laundry, laundry, laundry
  • Crabcakes for dinner for Dad, ME and GD (gf breaded fish for GM and me).
  • Evening rhythm (game time, put the bedroom to sleep -chores-, storytime wih Dad)

That is the plan and I will update as the day moves along, probably after lunch.

Also I will hopefully get to post about the new math and some preschool stuff tonight. Maybe.


APKimberMama said...

Oh, I feel so bad for GM! I chose to eat dairy (and too much wheat) on vacation and I am detoxing myself right now. Now only do I feel bad physically, but I am on such an emotional rollercoaster. Imagine how that would be if you are 9!

On the other hand, we kept J-Baby GF/CF on vacation and he is just getting better everyday. A friend at the park said she had never seen him so happy.

If you can get GM to eat a lot of whole grains, beans, and lots and lots of fruits and veggies he will detox faster. Sugar slows down the detox, as do refined grains (which is one reason we didn't start with GF flour alternatives right away). Make sure you keep his intake of healthy fats up to help heal his gut.

T-Guy regressed a bit on vacation and I think gluten may be a cause, so he and I will be going GF as well.

Blissfulbee said...

Yeah, it is hard to watch him feeling so badly. We bought a Vita Mixer and I LOVE it. Now I can make my own flour from whole grains. LOVE that!!! We also make our own peanut butter, butter, jams, smoothies, raw soups, and salad dressings. I am sooooo in love with this machine!!!

Anonymous said...

Would epsom salt baths help him during his detoxing? Tammi

Blissfulbee said...

You know, I dont know a lot about that. I read a blurb on it a few days back and went to research it more, and got off track. Thanks for reminding me. Do you know much on it?

APKimberMama said...

Definitely epsom salts! I used them for several months while I was ill last fall and needed to get as much chemical residue out of my body as I could. Your body releases a lot of toxins through the skin.

I also switched to all natural products, which were more natural than the products I had been using. Aubrey Organics and Terressentials both rate well at the Environmental Working Group. Don't use anything with parabens!

I've had my Vitamix for 3 or 4 years now. I used it more often when I was grinding wheat on a regular basis, but still use it at least once a day. Be sure you aren't getting any cross contamination if you grind both gluten and non gluten grains.

Also, you may want to Google "celiac" and get some ideas for avoiding gluten. For instance, most soy sauce has wheat in it, as do most condiments and products made with soy sauce. San-J does make a wheat free tamari, if you aren't avoiding soy. Avoid any "natural flavorings", and also anything "hydrolized". Luckily labeling laws have changed and it is far easier to find gluten (and casein) free foods.

Blissfulbee said...

Yeah, we only use all natural body products. Even then we dont use many. We arent big on primping products, so that makes it easier. Even our animals are organic. LOL My husband teases me about it, but hey!!

I will do the epsom salts bath tonight for GM. Thanks for the tip on that.

We are good at staying gluten free on foods, mainly because I am really trying to not buy anything that is pre-produced or packaged. So that makes it easier. I was bummed that my good teriyaki sauce has wheat. I basically assume everything has it unless I have researched otherwise. TACA is a good site too for gfcf diets and how it can help with autism. I actually think we are struggling with a yeast issue with him too. So the issues just continue to unfold. But at least we are moving through it and making progress.

APKimberMama said...

My favorite teriyaki sauce has wheat too...once this bottle is finished I will have to concoct my own based on the ingredients. J-Baby won't eat it anyway, but I need to go gluten-free too.

I was amazed at the chemicals in even so-called natural products. I was using a lot of Avalon products, and even though they recently removed the parabens they still have a lot of chemicals in them. I don't use much in the way of products (no make-up, for example) and the boys can get by with just soap, toothpaste, and sunscreen.

I think yeast issues are common with allergies and gluten sensitivity.

Blissfulbee said...

I know!!! Isnt that annoying! I love the smell of Avalon Organics, but organic it is NOT! I do stop and smell the rosemary shampoo when Im in the coop though! LOL

I feel SO much better being gluten free. I have more energy and just feel better all around. Although I also am almost finished with a colon cleanse so that may be why I am feeling so much less toxic. Either way, it is much better! I am going to do a heavy chemical cleanse after I complete a second "complete" cleanse in July. I just want all the chemicals out of my body as soon as possible. Im tired of feeling tired!!!