Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Down on the Farm

What a nice way to start your day, and our weekend. Friday was our second class at Los Poblanos Organics. GM did GREAT! He planted a lot of seeds, learned about a cool seeder machine they use on the farm and measured some plants to monitor their growth for next time. GD even joined in here and there. He said he wanted to do the class and planted a couple of sees before bailing out again. I told him he had to decide for real and he chose just to observe with ME and do it next summer instead. So that was short. :-)

I envy the people who get to work there. It is such a beautiful property and the smell in the air is just amazing. There are so many great little hideaways and enchanted little places to find. I just love it there. The kids all are so happy when we are there and they are getting to be outside in the shade and the plants and of course the chickens. They all love to gather the eggs after class, who would guess they have some in their own yard, but I guess I agree, it is much more fun when you get to find an egg!

Saturday we worked at the museum in the morning. GM held Bobbie, the 5.5 foot long gopher snake, Albie, the albino King Snake and Yai Koatl the milk snake and he got to take Tommie, the young box Turtle for a walk. She kept on biting my shoe and holding on, he loved that!! Both days were really nice, I like having them back to back like that. It should make for a nice summer.

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