Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Enki Math Grade One Blackline Masters arrived!

Well I received my copy of the Math CD in the mail the other day and have been printing it out and reading through it. This is for the first grade only, unlike the old publishing which encorporated the second grade lessons as well. This disk comes free with the math program from the Enki Website.

Just a peek into the table of contents for those who are interested. This is only the Blackline Masters which are in addition to the program not the entire math program. I will post on that when I get it.

Included you get...

Number Symbol Practice Sheets
Cuisenaire Workbook (35 sequential exercises)
Cuisenaire Puzzles
Number qualities worksheets (including odd/even and Greater/Less)
Four Process Work (lots of good stuff here)
Four Process Quiz (practice) sheets (lots and lots)

It has gotten me really excited about the scope of the math program for first grade. This touches on more than Saxon 1 but in a way that will fit into our lives better. GD is ecited to get started and wants me to print him some up now. I may let him play with it ofr fun until I get the other manuals; but Im not sure yet.

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