Friday, June 02, 2006

Farming Update!

What a wonderful way to spend your morning! GM had such a good time and really was excited about all the great stuff they get to do. First Monte gave them a tour of the farm, we had done this before a few months ago, but this was great because they got to see how much larger the plants are now as compared to our tour in April. They really were into it, even stopping to make sketches in their notebooks and write down the names of the donkeys; mostly without prompting. The property is just like a little paradise in the desert. We always love going there, but when you get to go to the orchard and to the greenhouse and such, it is terrific. Even the kids were saying how beautiful and like paradise it was. They were definitely in the mood. After the tour they got to go over to where their crops will be. I thought it would be about a 3X3 space per kid, but no, they have a large area over by the strawberry patch and it is just wonderful. They were all so into it. GM kept asking me if they really got to grow stuff in all that big part? LOL They learned about how to use their tools, and even got to build their own tools that they thought would be useful. GM decided to use a piece of pvc pipe as a seeder that you would stick into the soil and drop seeds into. Pretty clever I thought, but Im biased. The plan is that they will grow some crops and then take them to the Farmer's Market to sell and raise money for the charity of their choice. GM is soooo into that part of the whole thing. We will let him do that with our veggies too. If we have enough to actually sell off.

I am just so happy with this class. The people were wonderful, the kids were so engaged and into everything, and the general mood was relaxed, happy and just enjoyable. I couldnt ask for more. The timing for GM and his third grade lessons is perfect, and it shows in his interest that it is definitely nourishing him. Stuff like this just makes me so happy that we homeschool and that THIS is how our kids will learn and experience their childhood. It is just great!

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APKimberMama said...

I'm glad they had such a great experience! I really hope I can find some sort of program when T-Guy and J-Baby are ready for the farming block. The only thing we really have within biking distance is citrus.