Monday, June 12, 2006

Tucson, Arizona

What a great extended weekend we had visiting family in Tucson. I love it down there. I love the food, the town, and even the weather. It was about 103 degrees while we were down there, but it wasnt so bad. When we went to the Sonoran Dewsert Museum it was a bit much, but not unbareable. So we headed out super early on Thursday morning and drove the six hour drive down to Tucson. The kids were happy with their snacks and movies and I was happy with my iPod Road Trip thingie that my husband put in the car for me.
We did make a stop in Texas Canyon where the rocks are really cool and remind me of the old Roadrunner cartoon. We stretched out our legs and walked around a bit. Its a fun place to stop if you ever get the chance, although you can see more on Dragoon Road than you can at the rest stop.
My Mother and Step-Father's home is very nice and comfortable. They recently (a couple years ago) put in a pool, and it really is a nice thing when your there in June!! The kid basically tried to grow gills while there. GM especially loved it. I was watching him swim and thinking about the Sensory Integration benefits of swimming. I'll have to do a bit of research on that, but wow did he love it!!!
Friday morning we went to the Sonran Desert Museum, a great place to visit when your in town, the drive there is beautiful and the little hike is a lot of fun. We did overheat a bit and it showed in the kids behavior, but overall it was great. After that we went to El Charro in the Presidio, I love it there, I lived in three different houses in that small community and absolutely loved it there!!! It is such a terrific part of Tucson and close to everything. Friday evening my husband flew in so we got to spend some time with him too. The kids were thrilled!!!

Saturday we went to Vivace Restaurant, where we worked during the early years of our relationship. It was great!!! We were able to see old friends and get caught up on everyone and what they are doing. It was so cool to see pictures of their kids and hear what they are up too! We really miss our Tucson friends, they were really our family for many, many years.
It is so nice to get away, spend some time hanging out with family and enjoying the relaxation of just sitting around having wine and getting caught up on everything, and everyone. We laugh and call my Mom's house the resort, but honestly it is a lot like a resort, but better!!!

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