Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I am sooo happy right now! I made GM some Gluten-Free chicken nuggets and he gobbled them down! I am just so excited about it. I have looked for a good recipe for gf chicken nuggets and havent had any luck. So I was thinking about it and decided to use gorilla Munch (the gf cereal similar to corn puffs) and some corn meal to bread a gf turkey breast which I cut into strips. I breaded it using egg and even my husband loved it. He was upset when I only let him taste it instead of having a plate of them. This is HUGE for us. This means we now have a whole new world open to us for dinner options. I made a bunch since I had everything out, and now I have some to freeze for the future and some for Great-Grandma's house tomorrow night. This combined with the snack recipes Kimberly from Holistic Homeschooling shared with me and we have found some terrific new recipes. The waffles are a big hit, and I am able to pack them full of other healthy stuff to boost GM's vitamin and protein levels. I also have gotten him to eat a fruit each morning, usually apples or organic apple sauce. the rest of us eat about 95% organic, but GM was so limited I wasnt able to get him there, but now WOOHOO!!!

I know this seems silly to be so happy about some chicken (well turkey really) but this is such a favorite for him that I knew in order for the gf to be a smooth transition I needed a good recipe for breaded chicken. :-)

Now Im ready to go full on GF!!! Today was a great day, and I will see if we get through all of tomorrow without it too.

Doing a happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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APKimberMama said...


I know the feeling. It was the same thing for me when I had J-Baby help me make refried beans and they ate them on corn tostadas. A new meal! Every time I have a GF success I feel so good. He tried almond milk on GF rice flakes Saturday and liked it (after refusing almond milk for months). So now we have a travel/emergency breakfast available to us.

You'll have to send me your waffle recipe (please).