Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Our Father's Day was a nice quiet day helping the Daddy in our home to relax and have a nice day. We met with Tata (my FIL) and our B & SIL at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center for lunch and to enjoy a performance by the amazing Aztec traditional dancers, followed by the seriously awesome Pole Flyers. These guys are very, very brave. My palms are sweating even typing what they did on this incredibly tall and narrow pole. They climb up the whole thing with absolutely no safety precautions and proceed to have one of the five guys DANCE on the top of the pole, while playing a flute and hand drum. Im talking stomping on ONE foot very, very high in the air. It was so unnerving to watch. I was a wreck. But then the other four guys flip backwards off the top and have ropes around their waste and spin in circles moving in different formations in complete silence. It was incredible!! A must see at some point. The tradion is from Vera Cruz, Mexico and apparetnly is still done there quite often. I get so excited when I see the passion and beauty of things from other cultures, and places. It was beautiful.

Dad had a nice day so that was good! He came home and snuggled up with his little girl in the big chair and they both took a nap while I ran around trying to find some more gluten-free flours I need for a few recipes. Trader Joe's stinks by the way!!! LOL Well I like TJ's but they had NOTHING in their baking section. Literally there were maybe five things. However they do have a nice pre-printed list of GF items available in their store, you can get it on their site too, but I forgot mine. However after being spoiled by the tags at Wild Oats it just wasnt the same. Some of their prices are good so I had fun none the less. The Volpi prosciutto with basil and mozzarella rolls are SO good, and SO bad for you! Mmmmmmm!!

Whole foods on the other hand had EVERYTHING I was looking for!!! All they need are the tags and WOW!!! Im still a coop gal at heart, but for baking goods and gf availability Whole Foods wins in Albuquerque.

I decided on Saturday to do the diet along with GM and to tell him what we were doing now that I am better educated and ready to make a full go of it. He has been soooo much better about it, I think explaining to him that he has been basically GF for over a week made him feel better about it, plus he is happy that it is both of us. It wasnt easy at lunch on Sunday, but we did it! So Im on day two, and Im really excited about it. Im hoping to feel better, less toxic, and to regain some lost energy. I want to get back to feeling good and energized again so that we can consider another baby. I just feel like since Im now 35, pregnancy wont be quite like it was when I was 31, 28 or 26!!! I want to be really healthy and detoxed. I also want to be certain that I have done all I can on my end to help prevent any form of developmental delay issues. I have had two children with issues, one not as prominent as the other, so I will rest better during the pregnancy if I feel I have done all I can via diet, vitamins, and lifestyle choices. I have done this with all my pregnancies, but in reading about gluten so much and how it effects some people I am really hoping to feel a lot better without having it in my system. From what I have read it should really help with that sluggish feeling I get each day.

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