Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fiber Farm Monday Morning

Monday morning we hopped in the car and headed out to Edgewood for a tour and discussion on Fiber Farming. This ties in really nicely for GM's "theme" for third grade. We were able to pet and feed a lot of great animals including Llamas, Alpacas, goats, sheep, donkeys, dogs and a wonderful Angora bunny. The kids were able to see the difference between the animals who were recently shorn (? sheered?) and were able to feel the different fibers from each animal in bags where they could really get a sense of the texture. The farmer there took them through the history of fibers and all the various ways of making thread or yarn. They also showed a varitey of ways to work with the thread such as knitting and weaving. They really did a terrific job of showing how you can farm for fibers and live a nice life. the farmer also explained the difference between milking goats and fiber goats, as well as allowing them each to get out in the various yards and interract with the animals. We all really loved it. This is another one of those activities that is great for all three kids. No matter what the age, they all loved it, even Mom.

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