Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Santa Fe Arts Alive!

Museum Hill in Santa Fe, NM does a terrific summer program which is free to the public. We fell in love with it last year, but we are really excited about all the great projects that this summer has planned. Each project is completely free, and taught by true artisans, most of which are featured at the world renowned Santa Fe Spanish Market. So you are really learning a craft by a true practitioner.
This week I invited two of our cousins and my sister-in-law to join us for the day. We drove up to Santa Fe this morning to learn about tinwork and make a project. All the kids made one, including my SIL and myself. It was a fun thing to do, and set to the backdrop of the Santa Fe mountains, it makes for quite a day. GM was quite grumpy unfortunately, I think we are literally in the throws of detox with the gluten. It has been really difficult for him to be anything but negative and hyper. However he did get it together in the end and was able to make it into a nice day. Im not sure if I will invite others in the future, it seems we just have more fun and do better when it is just us and GM isnt so frazzled. I was hit in the gut today by that whole "should we medicate" question. I just hate to see him so upset and negative while everyone around him is so happy and having so much fun. It is really painful to watch, I cant imagine feeling that way soooo often. It crushes my heart. Not that we are going to medicate, but man, I hope this diet can help him to just feel good. For goodness sakes, he is a little boy, these should be fun days.

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