Monday, June 05, 2006

Fun Weekend!

Well this was a VERY busy weekend; as usual. GM and I had our shift at the Naturalist Center which was nice. It was a quiet day, and we were able to hold both turtles and three snakes; so in GM's book, that made for a great time! Immediately after that we went to a birthday party for a friend who turned 5. She had an underwater themed party and everyone got good and wet. Dh came a little late, but was able to hang out with the other Dads and we got to visit and hang out for a while.

Now a normal family would then go home because it had already been such a long day. But NO, we were so foolish that we decided to try to go out to dinner. We love this local little rest called Johndi's and you can sit outside and usually it is very kid friendly. Of course kid friendly in the normal world is one thing, but post birthday party kid friendly is a completely different animal. Lets just say it wasnt our finest moment and leave it at that. :-)

Sunday we got up, worked in the garden (as I do everyday) and hung out for a bit, just relaxing, having coffee and listening to music. We decided to head to Old Town and see a friend of ours dance with his class from Baila Baila in the 300th Anniversary celebration of San Felipe Church. Wow, it was so much fun. Our friend did a great job, he is eight and was just adorable!!! There were other families there whom we know so we walked around for a bit with them. Dh got to have an Indian Taco, so he was a happy camper, and GD got to ride some rides, so he was a VERY happy camper! GM passed on the rides, but loved the games, the house of mirrors and the treats. We hung out a while longer than the others and just wandered about for a while. It was nice to spend some time just walking around in Old town, we go often as we dont live too far from it, but with the live music the dancers and all the carnival fun, it was an extra treat.

Needless to say, we learned our lesson (again) on Saturday night, so on sunday we just went home. I had some things to do and the kids wanted to just chill. GM requested that we not go anywhere on Monday. I thought that sounded like a great idea. So today we are home, cleaning and playing around the house together. GM is very focussed on building a large collesium out of old video tapes. Its one of those things that has completely engaged hom for hours on end. He is doing a great job with it, and having some fun too. ME and GD are very involved in playing with their stuffed animals. I hear them giggling and talking in their "animal voices" from GD's room. They are enjoying the free time, as am I.

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