Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goals for 2008

Last year GM and I sat down and set some goals for him and where we wanted to be with out lessons and fencing before the end of 2007. We also discussed what we would like to adopt or add into our scope of activities and such. Not only did he achieve these goals, but he surpassed them. He really didn't seem to have much faith in his ability to achieve the goals we set, and so it took some encouragement at first. I would show him when he was on target, or when he was moving ahead of the goal numbers. This really seemed to encourage him and he began to feel that he not only could achieve these goals, but that he could surpass them. I could see the pride and confidence grow in him and I have decided to do the same thing this year, but also add in GD to the mix, as well as the rest of the family.

I chose to set goals with the kids regarding their lessons, extra-curricular activities and their chores. Manny and I will be setting goals for our health, the kids health care, our family finances, our house projects, and for our family quality time. On the side I will be setting the goals along with my partner for Rio Grande Roots & Shoots, an important part of our lives and something that requires a great deal of planning.

Measuring our success...

Last year, with GM, I sat down and figured out where we would need to be at various times in the year in order to meet our final goal. The year as a whole is too overwhelming, but achieving small bites that range for about 6 weeks at a time, can be great. You get to see and celebrate your success several times throughout the year, and if you fall behind, you can see it happening before you are so far behind that your goal becomes impossible to achieve. So for each of our goals I will sit down and figure out our necessary progress in monthly intervals.

So, onto the goals...

House Projects

Landscape the front yard
Landscape the backyard
Furnish the porch
Finish the garage
Window in the dining room
Interior Drywall
New front door
New sliding door
Finish Wood floors
Stain wood exterior
Stain wood interior
Texture the ceiling
Lighting for the upper shelves of lounge
woodwork in LR entry
Enclose the HWH in new bathroom
Fix new bath faucet
Paint the study
Set up scrapbook closet in Guest room
Lighting in the foyer
glass in buffet door
handles on built-in doors in lounge
Organize storage


1. Complete 7th grade math
2. Complete 12 Chapter books (minimum 150 pages)
3. Early American History
4. Complete 7th grade L Arts
5. Science @Explora

1. Finish 3rd grade math
2. Complete 12 Chapter Books
3. Native American History
4. Complete 4th grade L Arts
5. Science @Explora

1. alphabet
2. simple words
3. Saxon Math K
4. Saxon Phonics K
5. Science @Explora

Art @ Museum
Science coop
Jazz Ensemble
Instrument practice


1. Lose 30lbs
2. Work on cardio
3. mammogram
4. Dentist
5. Genetic testing for hydrocephalus

1. Lose weight
2. Work on Cardio
3. Have a physical
4. Genetic testing for hydrocephalus

1. tweak his supplements
2. review GF/CF diet
3. dentist (continue)

1. Dentist

1. Dentist

Baby O
1. Keep up on head checks

RGRS Goals

Complete 25 service projects
Coordinate First Annual Conference
Get T-Shirts Made
Meet with Dr. Goodall
Continue Prairie Dog sponsorship
Continue Bosque adopted space work
Complete at least two outreach projects
Develop ongoing fundraising project
Support and work with Youth Leadership group
Develop committees for future growth

The kids are still thinking about their other goals, so I will add them in when we have had a chance to sit down and iron them out.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great book for all parents

A good friend of mine lent me a wonderful book called Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child. I love this book so much. I found a copy of it at Wild Oats and I really enjoy thumbing through it. I believe it helped us through a recent bout with a colic-like gas issue. If you have had a baby with gas issues, you know how desperate you are to help them through it.

The great thing about this book is that it shares with you the medical advise from many perspectives including Conventional Madicine, Nutritional Supplements, Herbs, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Diet and even gives tips for prevention and general info. You are able to read through the various styles and you choose whatyou feel works best for your family. It is just really helpful!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Welcome Baby O!!

Well I havent written in a really long time. Basically ever since I found out that we were being blessed with another little one.

Welcome our new son, "O". He is amazing, healthy, and such a great eater! We are all enjoying our little guy and looking forward to a peaceful holiday season.