Monday, June 12, 2006

Tuesday's Plan

Well I was attacked by some sort of stomach flu on the road trip home from Tucson. Thank goodness my husband was with me on this one and could help me drive. This knocked me down all day yest and I spent today in bed too. So that means that I will have some serious cleaning to do tomorrow, along with unpacking and laundry from our trip. So here is my plan...

  • Wake up early (6:30ish)
  • Coffee and computer (how I wake up)
  • Start laundry
  • Water gardens, porch plants and tend the animals
  • Make waffles for the kids (gluten free)
  • Help them find their way with "waking up their room" (chores) after a few days off, they will need my help
  • Morning Walk
  • Movement/Yoga
  • Housework (in place of lessons)

  • Lunch (cold lunch today)
  • Drama class for GD (today is his play)
  • Pick up our veggies at the farm (by the way Farmer Monte posted my pictures on their site under Photo Gallery
  • Afternoon Activity: either chalk on the driveway, or a hand craft indoors; if it is too hot
  • Prepare for dinner

  • dinner
  • Bathtime
  • evening games with the kids
  • Evening chores (putting the room to bed)
  • storytime with Dad (finish reading Dragons of Blueland)

So I will post tomorrow and see how I do. I am hoping to get back into our rhythm tomorrow and get out of my vacation/sick/tired slump. If I can get the house back up and really get that afternoon/evening rhythm down then Wednesday will be much smoother and we will be back in the swing of things.

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