Monday, May 22, 2006

Wild Weekend!

We had a very full weekend this week. Our Saturday began with GM and I working our shift at the Naturalist Center, followed by the big family birthday party at Great-Grandma's house. It was a lot of fun and pretty mellow, which was great. One of the cousins brought a pinata so the kids really had a good time with that and were able to play with their gifts and enjoy the company of their Aunts and Uncles, as well as Grandma and Great-Grandma. This also wrapped up the birthday celebrations (thank goodness).

After the family party we actually had another birthday party to go to for a friend of ours who turned four. It was really very nice. I was nervous that it would proove too much for the kids to handle, but they did great. No drama, tears or even grumpiness. So we stayed and visited there until almost bedtime. It was a VERY long day!!!

Sunday we got up and had our coffee on the porch before starting to clean the house. I really wanted to start off our week with the house in a good place. So we cleaned almost all the rooms before bed. The boys took Grandma to the movies in the early afternoon, and ME actually took a nap so that helped us to get more done.

Today was our final Science Coop meeting and it was really good. the families who seem to really care about the group all came and the kids played games (which GM LOVED). We talked about how the year went and reviewed the surveys that went out last month. Some changes were made to how new families can join and some ideas were exchanged about how to best fold new families into the coop so that they feel they can contribute and we feel we arent burning out. Overall it was really good.

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