Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Climbing back up again

Well yest was one of those days that really does show how much I am still struggling to get things together over here. Basically nothing was accomplished and the day sort of slipped away with nothing to show but rest. GD fell asleep at about 2:30 in the afternoon and stayed asleep until this morning. ME fell asleep on the floor in the office about 1.5 hours before her usual bedtime and I barely did much of anything besides pass time resting and rubbing GD's ear while he slept (his request). I should have gotten up and did stuff around here, but I didnt. I was really tired and had hit a wall where I just couldnt do anything but take it easy for a day. I have been having issues with sleep for about four nights in a row, I fall asleep for about two hours and then wake up WIDE awake and cant go back to sleep for hours. Or even worse when I cant fall asleep until after 1am. So anyway the need for rest was obvious and while I am bummed to have let the day slip by us, I do feel better today and the kids seem well. GM is still asleep though, which is really odd for him. Both GD and ME woke up with a strong cough, but it has decreased since they have been awake and playing with their animal friends.

But enough about why yest was a wash and on to why today will be a great day!!! I am going to post my plan for the day and check in as I get things done. This motivates me and just sort of helps me to organize my thoughts and continue moving through the day. Accountability! Wow, there is a concept! LOL

So here goes...

  • Coffee and computer (now)
  • water the gardens and porch plants
  • tend the chickens, feed the doves, change the water in the frog's house etc....
  • make breakfast for the kids
  • clean up from breakfast
  • start some laundry
  • run the dishwasher
  • Help the kids with their morning chores (waking up their room)

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood
  • yoga
  • movement (introduce a new section today)
  • music
  • journals
  • reading independent
  • Storytime with me

  • Lunch
  • outdoor play with parachute and chalk
  • baking (bread if I can find a recipe that has the ingredients I have in my pantry, otherwise something else gluten-free)
  • quiet time
  • afternoon pick-up
  • baths
  • Great Grandma's for dinner

  • Home
  • Family game time (battleship has been a big hit lately)
  • evening chores
  • Storytime with Dad (they started another of the My Father's Dragon Books and will read two more chapters of it tonight)
  • Bedtime

  • My evening chores
  • Prepare for tomorrow (lessons and craft)

So that is what I would like my day to look like. The morning and evening rhythms are working really well, its the mid day that suffers a bit sometimes. We'll see. Today will be a good day I hope; as long as GM doesnt wake up sick or anything.

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APKimberMama said...

We're getting back into the dance today as well, I'll post our plan on my journal.

Just last night I was reading the first foundation guide and Beth writes about this kind of thing. It's normal, and not unhealthy or anything like that.

I hope the kids aren't coming down with anything!

Oh yeah, I am an insomniac. It used to manifest itself as middle-of-the-night waking, but these days I just don't fall asleep without medication. Well, I would, but only about once every 3 nights, and the other days would be lost to a fog. I don't like the situation, but my mother was the same way before she finally got medical help (long ater I was gone) and I don't want to repeat her life, which was largely spent in bed when I was a child.