Monday, May 01, 2006

Roots & Shoots

Our group, the Rio Grande Roots& Shoots Club, has had a wonderfully active April. It seemed that the weather and the opportunities just came together to create a lot of fun for our kids. We are learning about Organic Gardening, and making potted plants for the localFamily Shelter as a service project. We also had our first Bosque Clean Up Day in early April, as I wrote about a while ago. Let in the month we were able to have a tour of Los Poblanos Organics, our local CSA and friendly neighborhood farm were nice enough to take the kids around and share with them the many cool things that happen on a farm like this. It is a beautiful place, and also where we get our vegetables for our family.
We then celebrated Wildlife Awareness Week with two educational tours of local wildlife and the people who care for them. First we went to Wildlife West Nature Park and Refuge to learn about the local animals and what the refuge does to care for them. It is a nice little hike around a beautiful desert property. Most of the animals there were rescued or donated by people who foolishly thought they would make good pets???

Next we went for a tour of the International Rattlesnake Museum in Old Town Albuquerque. It was awesome and the gentleman who owns the museum was there and shared a picture of himself with Dr. Goodall. He seemed really happy with the kids and their interest in animals and especially in the snakes. The kids all loved it, and were really inspired by the girl giving the tour and by Mr. Bob's enthusiasm for the snakes.
We love our R & S group and have so much fun learning about things and doing service projects with the other families. It has been a great way to meet people and to learn a lot about the local environment, the river and the community.

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