Friday, May 19, 2006

Hmm Friday again....

Well Im feeling a little adventurous today, I would love a visit to the zoo or something like that, but I think I may force myself to stay home since we have such a full weekend coming up. We have the Naturalist Center and two parties to go to tomorrow and GD asked Grandma on a date for Sunday night and the kids have Dharma for Kids on Sunday morning, so it is a full weekend for us.

We will do a mini lesson today, and probably something artsy, a craft or some painting outside on the porch. The kids have done well this week and although I have some things prepared I want them to get outside today and enjoy what a nice day it is. So here goes....

Coffee (now)
Breakfast for the kids
Morning Chores
Take a walk
journal writing
Craft project: Making dragonflies for our front window

Order a cake for tomorrow (family party at Grandma's house)
Gift shopping for both parties tomorrow
Get some plastic tree plants for Phillip the Frog

I think that will help us maintain our rhythm without feeling like we have a full day on our laps. Then we can play outside a bit and have some fun. I still have a lot of garden work to take care of and Im determined to get to some of it today as well. We have a SEVERE harvester ant issue in our yard, so if they come out the kids wont be able to play outside in our yard too much today. UGH!!! I want to get rid of them, but we have tried all the non-chemical, environmentally safe ways we can. I hate to go this far, but we have to do something, they are very dangerous bugs, they bite and sting so bad a grown man would scream and cry. I cant have them taking over our yard to the point that our kids cant go outside. I think I will research some more solutions today. When they were just a problem, I was okay with just having the kids stay away from them, but this is severe, they are everywhere to the point that it looks like the ground is moving. Its really terrible. On our walks we noticed they are all over the neighborhood, so Im getting really worried.

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