Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday and our plan...

Well I am up at 6:30 which is good because I have a chance to gather myself before the boys get up. They went to bed by 9pm last night, which is our usual time, but sometimes storytime and silliness extend it to closer to 10pm. They are listening to My Father's Dragon at night with Dad. I have put a side a few books like that that I would like for them to get through this summer. this first one is a relatively short book, with simple chapters of about 8 pages, with the occasional picture. The first night they read two chapters, but last night they only wanted one. Im not sure if they arent enjoying it or if they were too wound up from playing with Dad before book time. I guess we'll see.

So this morning we will get up and get our day rolling pretty quickly. I want to make them waffles and do some morning chores before our walk. We have to meet a friend in the Bosque today to talk about an upcoming event we are doing for Roots & Shoots on the Summer Solstice. After that it is drama, so we have to be moving at a steady pace by then.

Here is the plan....

Coffee/computer (now)
Make my bed
Tend the animals
Water the gardens
Morning Chores (wake up the house)
Make Waffles and clean up
Everyone get dressed

Take a walk
Comprehension activities
Storytime (Jack and theBeanstalk)
Math practice
GM: Rhythm games and an activity sheet
GD: Pattern Puzzles and Bug Math
GM: Fee Fi Fo Fum Reader
GD: Book of choice from the shelf

Pack some water and some snacks
Leave for the Bosque meeting
GD's drama class this afternoon

Read Nandanar and Lord Shiva to GM
Quiet Time
Get ready for dinner (cooking)

Games with the kids (Balloon Lagoon or a bingo game of choice)
Bed time routine
Put the house to bed (evening chores)
Storytime (More of My Fathers Dragon)

This is my big plan for today. Im hoping we can transition smoothly from the outing back to home. Sometimes that can be touchy!

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