Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Afternoon Update...

Well I did get three out of four of us bathed before we had to run out to drama. Also while GD was there (they wont let Mommy's watch) I ran to the farm with ME and GM to pick up our veggies and have some junk food (milk shakes). While we were waiting for GD to finish up GM wrote out all his thank you cards from his birthday! WooHoo!!! Now that was a victory!!!!

On the way home I stopped at a store a neighbor mentioned to me on a walk one day called the Dimestore Cowboy. It was really cool and I finally got a nice Mexican Sugar Mold I have been wanting for our table on the porch. They are great for putting candles and flowers in and they are just a fun little thing.

Now we are home and the kids are going out back to play, although probably not for long because it is quite hot out right now. I am going to cut up a nice watermelon I have and let them snack on that, although GM wont touch it, the other two will be thrilled.

GM and I just finished reading "Rabia of Basra" from Donna's Saints and Heroes book (Christopherus Homeschooling see links section to the left) and he is now building his LEGOs and having some quiet time while ME and GD are playing in her room with her doll house. I LOVE quiet time!!!!

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