Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Our family is in the middle of a strange time where all three children are right in the midst of a transitional time in their lives. Our oldest GM turned nine today ( I will post more on it later) He has already started some of his nine year change and is dancing between being a young child and being a young boy. He is discovering himself and the "I" in his world, he is beginning to see that his future may differ from his past and that he will eventually be an individual with a home and family of his own. Our next son GD just lost his first tooth this week. This is so exciting for him and he is filled with so much pride about it. He has been so dreamy it will be interesting to see how this transitional time irons out. He will be seven in two weeks time. Then our daughter, ME is three and a half, she gave up her ba-ba about 8 weeks ago and is now no longer napping. Her speech has gone through the roof and she is right in the throws of her mid three-year declaration of independence.

These are interesting times around our home. Not to even mention the house being in transition and our just wrapping up our first year living in a new state. Its been a wild ride and Im trying to hold on, yet I also want to enjoy it. Some days I want to throw my arms up and just free fall, but other days I am exhausted by all the change and the unexpected behaviors going on in my home. Its like meeting all new perspectives of these personalities Ive always known so well.

Not all the changes are negative, in fact they are all amazing and I am embracing them, although the journey can be rocky at times. One incredible little development occured last night when GM came into my room and was telling me about how he was just so excited to be nine. He is lying there and says (and this is verbatim) "Mom, you know my personality will change a lot in my life.... but you know one thing that will never change"? "What is that" I ask, "How much I love you". I started to cry immediately. It was such a mature and thoughtful thing to say. I had to ask my husband if he told him to say it, I was blown away. Little discoveries like this are happening all over the house lately. Its such an incredible time. On the flip side, he is so emotional, so wound up and so exhausted lately, the middle one is doing okay and his listening is slightly improving but the little one is keeping me VERY busy with her defiance (something the boys rarely did) and her mischief. She is testing her balance at any opportunity and always likes to push it right to the point of a bad fall, she is using words to make her brothers laugh that just make Mommy angry and throwing things like a pitcher for the Yankees. Its crazy!! I dont know why people always think the boys are the hard ones, my little girl is much more challenging than they ever were. She is also amazing, mind you, but WOW she is a pistol!! :-)

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Tammi said...

Hey - help! I'm in 9 with my girl. Any good online help about that? She's is transitioning like GM! Out of dreamy like Steiner talks about. Tammi