Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Our movement choices...

Okay I spent the good part of Friday figuring this out for us. I sat with the video and both the K and grade 1 movement guides and tried to find things that "fit" for us and that met my goals for stimulation. This is what I came up with for a goal by fall. We will learn them over the summer and hopefully be up to full work by early August.

  • Calling Song : Round and Round (This begins our morning walk)

  • Opening/Body Engagement
    Yoga time after our walk

  • 1-2 midline Activities
    Horses (k & 1 Guide)
    (we do additional midline work in the academic portion of our movement)

  • 1-2 Academic
    Strange Family (with additional midline skip counting afterwards)
    Number Qualities

  • Base Sense Activity
    Spinning inward and low to upward and tall

  • Beanbag
    Johnny Jump Up

  • Spiral
    Owl (from first grade closing spirals section)

    The portions in green are things we are already doing, I will add in things one at a time from each section beginning with midline.

    These cover most of the areas including work in Vestibular, Proprioceptive, Balance, Tactile, Auditory and Visual work, midlines (including lateral, horizontal and forward/back) and fine motor.


APKimberMama said...

This is so helpful! I've been thinking about how to plan our movement time, but completely without materials. We're going to have to take it really slowly and just build it up week by week.

My boys got "tired" of circle a couple of months ago, so already I am up against a brick wall. Boy #1 (T-Guy) will go along with just about anything, but Boy #2 (J-Baby) just sits there and won't participate.

Blissfulbee said...

We dont really do it in a circle form. After reading the Movement books (great books by the way) I wanted to get to the essence of the circle and found that it is in the time we spend together moving as a unit and gathered as a "class". Our walk is the perfect start to this. So we start there or in circle terms we are using it as our gathering song and activity. We then do Yoga right now for our opening movement, but this will change once we know more of our regular movement songs and movements. We will accomplish a lot of what yoga does for us during the Base sense sequences, especially in the PACE activity. So that will be shorter. I love the amount of choices available in the movement books and the use of the seasons to help in choosing fun and playful activities to start off with. Even ME tries to join in on most of them. My older more jaded child liked watching some of the video with me (a little bit). He saw how much fun the kids on the tape were having and became more enthusiastic about doing it.

APKimberMama said...

Okay, I'm about half way through the movement DVD. I came back to look at your plan and I think it is really good. Of course, we'll probably choose different activities, but I like the idea of starting with a core set of activities and building from there.

We need to work on base senses, especially proprioceptive.

I want to keep the walk, but I think we'll need a combined walk/circle sowe can do some of the floor activities. Now I have to figure out where!

I'm also thinking that the walk and movement should be kept up even during break. Otherwise I would have to start all over again with J-Baby.