Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday GD!!!

A big day today! Our little guy is turning seven, and we are very excited about it. Last night he chose to go to Peter Piper Pizza for his last night of being six celebration, and they loved it. They ran around and played until they closed the place down. GD was so cute, playing with ME the entire time, showing her how to climb the play structures and putting her on little riding things and using his tokens to make it go for her. I told him that it was nice to see him having so much fun with her, and he said, "Well yeah, I AM her big brother!" It was great! GM was a bit sad at one point when he said he had to give his tokens away to someone (smart Mommy only gives them about 4-5 at a time) I thought someone bullied him out of it, but he said no, it was a little girl and she said "please". He is just too nice sometimes, but I was happy to hear it wasnt a bad thing, but rather a generous one. We gave him more tokens and sent him off to play. He had a good time trying to get tickets and playing Galaga with Dad. I took my camera and tried to take some pictures only to realize that I had removed the memory card to upload pictures from our walk yest. :-( I will use it today though to help capture some of GD's special day.

Today's agenda...

Morning Coffee (right now)
morning chores
garden care
tend the animals
breakfast (more waffles left over from yest)
take a walk around the neighborhood

movement (still working this in from Enki)
music practice
journal writing
comprehension activities
retelling the story of Akimba and the Magic Cow
math practice
math hand games with GM (practicing multiplication using "say say my playmate" style clapping games)


Plant seeds in the garden (corn, squash, beans, carrots, transplant tomatoes, basil, peppers)
Pet store for a "pinkie" for Oreo (baby king snake)
Great Grandma's house for family dinner night
Dessert coffeehouse for dessert and visiting more family for GD's big day


Evening Chores

So that is the plan, I hope we do well with it today, but my main goal is for GD to have a lovely relaxing day and to go to bed feeling like he had a day that made him feel special.

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APKimberMama said...

Happy Birthday GD! I hope it was special.

My oldest turned 7 in January, so we are on a similar path. Don't you love the toothy grins, the gaps in their mouths, the way they are all arms and legs and they are so clumsy? My friend I were just talking about this the other day (she has a just-turned-7-year-old as well).