Friday, May 19, 2006

May 18th Update

*Photos to come...

Wow did I do some slacking this morning. Actually I never stopped doing anything, but I was in slow motion. Everything seemed to take forever and we got a very late start. We paid the price though, it was so hot on our walk that we all agreed we needed to get a much faster start to our day.

So, as I wrote earlier, we did some garden work in the yard. I then made some fresh waffles, and cooked up some sausage for GD, I am NOT a fan, and can barely cook it, but he and ME love it and gobbled it all up as quick as they could. GM was with me on that one, and just had a full waffle and milk. We then turned our attention to the house and our chores, we have been doing well with pulling it together, it isnt really "clean" but it is tidy and straight, to that is good, I vaccumed the office and my bedroom and did a load of laundry.

Dad came by with a pinkie mouse for Oreo, so that was a big "to-do" and we had to make him a different enclosure to eat in, so we took care of that, and he never ate it. So we thought, but it turns out when we went on our walk he escaped from the feeding box and was found later wandering around the kitchen floor. Lucky for him our dog is so lazy he didnt even see him. :-) So we wrangled him back into his real house and tried to give him the mouse, which he ate almost immediately. WOOHOO!! So we are taking that as a sign that he is a happy fella. Our White's tree frog has me worried though, he doesnt move at all and hasnt eaten. He only moves around when you hold him. From our research it seems it isnt too uncommon, but apparently they love to eat, so that part I am concerned about. We'll see!!

Once Dad left I started to sing my song and all be darned if they didnt get their shoes on and head to the door. GM even likes it. He was the one I thought would hate it, but no!! So off we went. We just went a different route through the neighborhood and found some graffitti that we need to call the city about. GM gets REALLY disturbed when people destroy things like that, it really annoys him, and me. ME saw a bunny rabbit in it's bunny house and was quite excited about that. GD took his new Aslan with us, so he was busy in his imaginary world talking to Aslan about this and that.

We then did our yoga, and our movement. The same as yesterday with the Enki movements and the one's I made up (much advised by the Enki books and tape). From there to music, I again did the rhythm with the skip counting, they really like that part. From there it was...

Candle lighting and verse
journal writing
GM comprehension
GD Silly Rhymes Puzzles
GM 5 times table practice sheet
GM Rabia of Basra entry into MLB
GD Akimba and His Magic Cow entry into his MLB
GD read part of his Narnia storybook to ME, and used a bookmark to save his place until tomorrow
GM and I did our multiplication hand clapping thing (I need a name for that) with 5s and 2s
GD did a number practice sheet from a workbook he found on the shelf (his request)

Everyone then went off to spend some time doing their own thing. ME and GD played together with their animal friends and GM colored for a bit in a coloring book (not like him, but hey) and then helped me put Oreo back in his main house. We then just had some quiet time before getting ready for dinner. I did my sample page for Nandanar and the Lord Shiva for GMs lessons tomorrow, and read a bit. Once all were happy I was able to slip away for a quick Sex and the City episode I had taped on my DVR. :-)

We went out to dinner (I know, Im a slacker) but the margaritas were calling my name. It was nice to sit outside at the restaurant, just the five of us together. We laughed and told stories about some of our favorite memories over the past ten years.
* Birth of each of the kids
* Our three week camping/NASA trip through the Southeast US
* Moving to Albuquerque
*GD falling in the creek at Tuma and Tupa's house
* Bike riding
* the birthday parites
and on and on....

Once we came home we were all pooped and so off to bed we went. :-)

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