Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday Update

Our day started off a bit slower than I hoped, but it flowed really well and no one felt hurried or pressured. I like that! Even thought I got up early, I dilly-dallied around too long and before I knew it I was running about an hour behind what I had thought.

We tended the animals, GM washed out the chickens water feeder, we need a bigger one that they cant get so dirty. We watered the gardens and tended a few wounded plants. We also tried to resuscitate some sad little seedlings which burned up in our greenhouse. :-( I think we saved the tomatoes from Tomatosphere, but the others seem hopeless. We will replant more this week.

I made the kids homemade waffles with some applesauce on the side, I am out of fruit, and need to go to the coop tonight. While they ate I cleaned up the kitchen and got dressed. They did their morning chores and we headed out the door for our morning walk.

During our walk I have them play some games to help them wake up their systems. We balance on the curbs and skip over the cracks. They love to do this and will do it the entire way if I let them. One road is a bit busy so I dont let them do it on that one. They are really enjoying the walking, and so am I. I can really see how much it helps them to get started on a good foot. We use this as our gathering time in what would be a circle if we were in a school. The essence of a circle is to come together and work as a unit, all making contributions and feeling that sense of community. For us that begins with our morning walk. We all chit chat and discover things, we play games and come together as a family. When we get home we put our shoes away, have some water and meet up in the living room for yoga. Today I took pictures of the kis doing their yoga. I know Im a nerd, but they are so cute and doing so well. It is fun to record these little things that are in the day to day.

I followed up yoga with some additional movement. We did Horses for the first time and followed it with Strange Family and some skip counting midline exercises. They laugh a lot during this, so it is a great time for all of us. Even ME joins in with us and thinks it is so much fun.

From there we headed up into the office and did some music practice before our verse and seated work. Today we only did our Journals and some comprehension. GD needed to write a play for his drama class today, and had been telling me his ideas all morning. So we finally sat and typed them up. He is so cute and has such terrific stories to share. He has expressed an interest in being a storyteller one day. I really think he could do a great job with it, his imagination is sooooo limitless!!

After we got our shoes and gathered up some water and snacks we headed out the door to meet some friends in the Bosque to see an area to do a Rio Grande roots & Shoots event we have coming up on the Summer Solstice. We hiked around a bit and the kids explored while the Moms talked. We are coordinating an event called One for the River; it has happened each year on the summer solstice for about five years now. People meet in the bosque and bring water from their homes to share back into the Rio Grande. It is a way of saying thank you to the river and the community it has supported here in the desert. The river is an incredibly treasured part of where we live. It is really cherished and this is an opportunity for people to just come out and say thanks. A native american inspired band comes and plays their flutes while people share stories of the river, or just enjoy a day in the bosque. We are looking forward to it.

Once we figured out the logistics for One for the River, the kids and I headed over to Sol Arts for GD's drama class. He was excited to share his play and to be the squirrel (one of the parts in his play). While he was playing in drama GM, ME and I headed out for some ice cream and some exploring through downtown. We are always admiring the many murals around town and decided to hunt around to take pictures of some of our favorites. ME was yelling out "there's one, theres one". It was fun, and passed the time while they ate their ice cream. Once back at the drama house, we stayed in the car and GD did his reading from Fee Fi Fo Fum. He read the Five Brothers from China. It was a bit long, but he did terrific. He read it outloud to me, and didnt need any help.

>We came home at about 4pm and were all ready for some quiet time. The kids are each doing their own thing while I am typing on the computer and having some tea. Ahhhhhhh

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