Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still in the middle of May-hem...

Well May is quite the eventful month for our family. We have both of the boy's birthday's and their combined party, plus our wedding anniversary (not that we usually do much for that) Mother's day, the real kick-in of the warm weather and all the changes in the environment, and my Mother's birthday. It is a fun month but it often seems to fly by and in the end you just feel a bit dizzy from all the excitement and hoopla.

Im trying to have us finish up the things that I have planned for our lessons and to keep up with the things we are finishing up for the year (science club, etc..). So today I am up a bit earlier than the kids, and I am hoping to get my own thoughts and rhythm rolling so I can more easily fold them into it when they wake up, rather than having them wander about until I get enough coffee in me. :-)

Today's plan...

have my coffee
gather my materials for today's lessons
straighten up the front office (where we do our lesson work)
make breakfast for the kids (gluten-free waffles, and hard boiled eggs)
help them to get their morning chores done (making their bed and gathering up their toys and laundtry)
start some laundry
feed the animals and water the garden

begin our yoga
incorporate some more movement from my Enki books (just a little, I need to sit and really plan that part out more)
music practice (lap harps)
journal writing
comprehension practice book
story time (Jakata Tail)
math practice
independent reading

play a game of bird bingo

in the afternoon..

take GD to his drama class
read the story of Rabia and Basra to GM
pick up our veggies from the farm

free play outside
quiet time

dinner out tonight to celebrate GD's last night of being 6 yo.

So that is my plan, I will check back in to report how we did as well as to update you on the fun things we have done this month. It has been a really nice time to be out exploring around New Mexico.

stay tuned.....

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APKimberMama said...

I didn't realize you have GF needs in your family as well! In a few weeks we're going to follow Doris Rapp's multiple food elimination plan and figure out the allergies more definitively.

Your day looks really busy! All of May too! I think I'll write plan for the day out on my blog too.