Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How our Wednesday Unfolded...

Overall it was a really nice day. I tried to balance between allowing it to unfold naturally, and guiding us towards our rhythm. some days that works some days it doesnt. The kids are falling into the morning rhythm really well. Even I am beginning to be able to move through it without feeling like I am conciously doing this or that. I like that. I dont like feeling like I am always trying to get this or that done. I have had to re-train myself by using the rhythm models from Enki and other resources and I am feeling more and more comfortable with it. I hope it holds for a while.

One interesting aspect is that I have been able to feed myself in the rhythm too. Feding the birds in the morning, checking on the chickens and watering the garden are all things that make me feel really good inside. It centers me and somehow fills me back up with positive energy. Also the walk does the same thing. I watch the kids exploring on the walk and I get that whole "I love homeschooling" feeling. You know the one, the one where your just so happy you are a homeschooler and that your kids get to explore the world this way. So then I get to come back in the house and actually do our lessons. I really can feel the importance of having these types of Mommy nurturing moments within our morning rhythm. I need to find more opportunities that do the same for me throughout the day.

Okay so breakfast has gotten a bit frustrating. Only because of the level of goofiness that goes on during it. They are taking a looong time to eat and arent listening when I nudge them along with it. So today i had to get angry and basically lose it a bit in order to get their attention. I really hate it when I lose it, but I am human and it happens. so that put a bit of ugly into our morning. However we quickly recovered and moved on with things. They knew they had gotten outofhand so being yelled at was no surprise. Therefore it was easy for us to bounce right back into our morning.

Doing the chores at night was great for our morning and we were out the door pretty fast for our walk. Yoga and movement were a lot of fun and lessons rolled through. The kids all had a good time playing with the tangram puzzles and making their dragonflies for the front window.

We all enjoyed a nice long quiet afternoon. The kids went outside for about an hour before getting too hot and coming in to draw some pictures and hang out doing their own things.

We did make it to Grandma's which was, of course, nice.

The kids are putting their room to bed and getting ready for their storytime with Dad. We didnt get game time tonight because of going to Grandma's house. They play games there all night with cousins and family, so I feel okay about that.

Im looking forward to tomorrow because we will be home all day and can really feel our way through things. I want to find more ways to refuel myself and I want to be sure they have a good amount of time to play freely. They are all three getting along so well right now and the play is really good. I want to give it the space and respect it deserves.

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