Friday, May 26, 2006


Well yest was completely unproductive and non-rhythmic. We had one of those days where we all just sort of do our own thing. Putted around here and basically attempted nor accomplished anything. It was nice though. the kids enjoyed just playing and getting into their little worlds and I enjoyed the breathing room and relaxation. I would however, have liked some more of our regular rhythm to have been present in the morning. the evening went pretty well. The kids had gotten tired really early (playing hard) and so at 7:30 they wanted to play some games. We played Blokus as teams and then it was off to pjs, teeth and book time. The kids and Dad finished My Father's Dragon last night. So that was an accomplishment!! They enjoyed it and will consider the sequel for their next book. We'll see.

Today is Friday and so we will be doing some yard work, and cleaning the house for the weekend. We have company coming to dinner tonight so the kids are looking forward to that and to playing with their kids.

Okay, Im off to tend the animals and water the gardens. :-)

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APKimberMama said...

We're having that kind of day so far today, after having slept in because it was a late night for the boys. We did get the early rhythm in, but it is time for our lesson and we are all apart right now. We'll have to gather soon, but right now I think we need some time apart after such a big day yesterday.

Enjoy your company!