Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today's morning update...

Well so far we have had a good day. I got up, had my coffee, did our morning chores (making the beds, gathering the laundry, watering the garden, tending the animals). I made breakfast, and it was really yummy. The kids had gluten-free waffles I made with my new waffle maker, I changed the recipe for the batter and added an extra egg, more cinnamon, and a tad more oil. they were topped with some maple syrup and a bit of butter. GD also had a hard boiled egg. In order to try and get over my mid day fatigue, I ate a breakfast too. I made some left over potatoes with egg and jalapenos. It was good but made me feel sluggish (I cant eat in the morning). We'll see how that goes.

We then decided to add a walk into our morning before yoga. I thought this would help us transition into yoga better. The kids had gotten involvedin play and pulling them away from that directly into yoga seemed like a battle I wasnt up for having, so the walk really helped them come back to focus. I did sing a song to gather them, and felt like such a nerd, but I really want to try this out. I am very interested in how this works for families who have kids who dont transition well. I am intrigued by how it speaks to them on an unconcious level and calms them. I know that when GD was younger and having a lot of health issues, if I sang a particular song to him it really soothed him, including through having a spinal tap. So there must be something to it. :-)

Our walk was really nice, it is a cool morning and a lot of flowers are blooming. I took along the camera and let the kids ooint out to me the things that told us it is spring in our neighborhood. It was fun, they played around balancing on the curbs and jumping over ant hills etc...

Yoga was a bit difficult today. They did it, but GD was wound up and enjoying just being silly. At first it really distracted and sucked GM in, but eventually he was able to relax and focus. Music was nice, we havent done it in a while and GM asked if we could please start it up again. So we practiced listening to rhythms with our eyes closed and playing our tapping sticks along with it. I set the rhythm and they followed along, changing pace as needed. Then we practiced (briefly) on our lap harps. They both did well, and the rest time from it did them both some good. Their confidence with the instrument shows.

We lit our candle for lessons and they recited their verse. GM loves this and had even added it into his journal. He likes it close by him during lessons. I dont know exactly what about it speaks to him, but it works so I do it. :-)

Journals went well, GD was still in a bit of a hypedup mood, making it difficult, but we got through it. He is just enthusiastic and young, so he doesnt contain himself at this point. He wrote about Phillup (his spelling) the frog, and GM did two sentences about Oreo (the snake) without requiring prompting; this is a good step for him, as he struggles with original thoughts when he has to narrow it down and make a choice of what to write.

On to comprehension. I know it is silly that I do this, but I do think it is important for them to begin to work on their comprehension. GM tends to read in a manner that is equal to reading a list, so these little reading comprehension things help me guage his progress with his reading ability. They both fly through them so it isnt a big thing for me to add into our morning lessons.

I was going to read a Jakata Tale today but instead I chose and African Folk Tale called Akimba and the Magic Cow from our Multiculturalism book. The kids enjoyed it and laughed at the ending when Bumba was attacked by the magic stick.

Math was mainly refresher and practice. GM did two practice sheets and one lesson page, and GD did one lesson page that was probably a bit wrong for him. I think I will set that aside until fall and just have him continue to play with his blocks, and work on patterns, tangrams and puzzles.

Reading today is story 2 from GM's reader (The Three Billy Goats Gruff) and GD chose to read "Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?" a paperback picture book.

Overall focus was a struggle today, Im sure it will improve as we adjust to getting back into our rhythm. It's usually a bit of a struggle at first, not tears and anger type struggle, just a lot of nudging to stay on focus and to move through things smoothly. Overall Im happy with our morning and Im hoping the afternoon will go as well!!

Im off to make lunch, and to gather things to take along with us to GD's drama class this afternoon. I also want to get them bathed before we leave, yeah right! Wish me luck!!!

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