Thursday, May 04, 2006

GM turns NINE!!

As I was saying we are all in a bit of transition right now. GM turned nine years old yesterday and we had a full day of celebrations with family and friends.

Before I begin I wanted to mention that we do a special dinner the night before to celebrate the last evening of being eight, or whichever age it is. We laugh about the year and about the things we did and learned. GM chose to go out for dinner at Olive Garden. This was a nice choice because they have those big round tables. We had a nice evening, and GM didnt mind the people singing to him. He was a good sport all around.

As for the next day, we began with showers and dressing, as well as packing lunches, water and snacks for our big day out. Then we headed to the panaderia for some home made treats to share with our friends. We have been going so much lately that I didnt get to bake for this, but we will be baking for the party which is coming up in a few more weeks.

After we got two dozen big cookies (chocolate chip and peanut butter) we headed over to the UNM campus to meet up with friends for a tour of the Maxwell Museum. It was sort of wild going there as an adult after having done the same thing in college at the U of A and now here I am in the campus Anthropology Museum with my own children. Initially this was WAY too much for GM or GD to handle, all the anticipation of the day and the excitement were proving making focussing way too hard, but after some touching base with me they got on track and completed the tour nicely. We then went outside and found a lady and her son making Indian Tacos and demonstrating how they bake bread in an horno (large outdoor adobe oven). We went ahead and had our lunch on the grass outside the museum and let all the kids play a bit before heading over to the big duck pond in the middle of the campus. Thankfully noone fell in and they kids had a nice time. We said our goodbyes and went to the student union for some ice cream before heading home. I was suprised to find that it was already after 3pm and we only had time to go by the house for a quick clean up and a 30 minute rest time before heading out to Grandma's house for dinner.

We went to Great Grandma's house and had a nice dinner and enjoyed her flowers in her yard while the kids all played together with their cousins and aunts and uncles. Great Grandma knows how much GM loves her oreo pie and made a special one just for him. He was THRILLED!!!
Note we are on quite a bit of sugar by now.... :-) when leaving there GM mentioned that he felt wierd about having everyone be so nice and giving him so much, like Grandma making the pie. I tried to explain to him that it isnt selfish to accept gifts from people who love you and that it made them equally happy to be able to see how happy he was.

From Great Grandma's house we headed directly over to a local coffee and desert house to meet up with my husband's brother and wife, as well as Tata,
my husband's father. Here we had.... more sweets! So at this point in the day my children'sheads were about to start spinning, but they did have a terrific time!!!

All in all, it was a great day, filled with well wishes from friends, both far and near and family from all over the country. GM is thrilled to be nine and is also feeling very grateful for all the love he is receiving. Im exhausted, but it was great for the kids to get to have such a fun filled day.

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APKimberMama said...

What a great birthday! We really focused this year on making the celebrations about family and not having kiddie parties at big venues with a million presents.

And wow--the 9 year-change--did you start noticing changes from 8YO on (which is the 9th year)?

I'll have to take my boys over to my old university some time; I'll check out the calendar of events. We're only about 20 minutes away.