Thursday, July 27, 2006

We have EGGS!!!

What an exciting weekend we had!!! GM came running in the house cupping something in his hand like it was made of gold or something. He came in our room and opened his hands to reveal a beautiful little egg!

HURRAY!!!!!! We were all so excited!!! Since then we have gotten five more. We know that one of the Barred Rocks and one of the Rhode Island Red's are laying. Renji and Scarlet!!! Maybe others too, we arent sure, but today we witnessed those two trying to lay their eggs in the roosting boxes.

This is a really wonderful thing for GM. He has raised these twelve birds since they were a day old, and now after all the work, we are getting eggs. He is so proud. I am thinking of letting him sell the extras as a way to earn some money for himself. We dont do allowances and such, so this could be a good way for him to learn about responsibility and the rewards of seeing something through.

They are all organic birds, only fed organic feed or organic vegetable scraps. They have a large yard with a tree they love to roost in and a super nice coop that they enjoy very much. I'd say they are the happiest chickens Ive ever met! :-)

I know Im a nerd, but it just makes my heart so happy to think of hi going out each morning to gather that day's eggs for the family. Its just perfect.


kyra said...

i love that! i'm particularly pleased that the RI red is laying since i am typing this from RI!! and so nice to have found your blog. i come over from the RDI listserv and the new enki one (if i'm remembering correctly!). come on over and see me too when you have the time!

APKimberMama said...

I'm so excited for you, and a bit jealous too! Our yard is so small that I can't think of a way to keep chickens separate from Missy, who has a strong prey drive. Plus she would bark at them non-stop. Oh yeah, we're probably not supposed to have them anyway.

But lucky you, and way to go Greyson, taking care of the hens so well that they lay!

tracy said...

Awesome-way to go Greyson!!