Monday, July 10, 2006

Baby Steps...

Okay, so it is Monday morning and here I am on this darn computer! Anyway, it is my coffee time (a part of my rhythm I dont seem to miss very often).

So I am really having a hard time with juggling the many facets of my life right now, the kids, the house maintenance, the renovations, the garden, the baking, detoxing GM and myself, the cooking, the reading and research, the ......

I decided to try to track myself and my day for a week of trying to combine all these facets. Obviously the number one thing is the children, so I want to be certain that they arent falling through the cracks of all this other stuff I have going on. the other things will need some attention each day in order to move forward with the things I want to achieve this summer. So unfortunately for anyone who reads this, I will be logging my babysteps on my blog. It is a stange form of accountability, and it allows me to look back on it and see where I fell down, and most importantly how I got back up.

So for this morning (pre lunch)

  • Breakfast, start some bread to rise ME and I made some homemade gluten free waffles topped with the butter we made this weekend. She really enjoyed mixing the batter and watching for the green light on the waffle maker. It was fun to do with her, and she really did do a good job, she didnt slow me up at all. I also made a smoothie protein drink for GM and I, ME and GD are not big fans, but since they eat all the ingredients whole, I dont worry about it. They ate while I made some bread. One full loaf and three mini loaves which work really well for larger grilled panini style sandwiches.
  • Morning Walk Well, this was cut short because we took our dog and he was just too hard to keep with us while trying to sing our songs and do our movement. We did do a little balance walking on the curbs, and we found some nice plants to explore.
  • Get bread baking Done
  • Dishes I did this before our walk so I wouldnt come back to all those baking dishes, plus I had to do two dishwasher loads, since we didnt do them last night. On a side note, if you havent already, please investigate what dishwasher detergent you use, it can actually be the most toxic thing you use in your home, effecting what you eat and the air your breath. We use Seventh Generation, I love the green apple! It makes the whole kitchen smell YUMMY!!!
  • Call the countertop guy Im trying to find the magazine that has his number in it...
  • Start laundry from the weekend started!
  • Paint one of the portions of the wall in the yard (just too excited about that) Have the kids help Well I got a good stretch done with one coat. I really love the way the color is looking. It is SO much better than the grey concrete color it was before. I also covered the top of the kids playground with soe fabric i like better than that shocking blue color it was. It was really bothering me. The kids helped for all of eight minutes, so I only got to do a bit before having to come in and be sure they were being okay inside the house. I'll do more tomorrow.

Then we will come in for lunch....

  • Lunch time Buffalo hotdogs for ME and GD, GF Quesadilla for GM, hummus and gf crackers for me.
  • Storytime (another of our Jataka tale storybooks)
  • Get the kids started on a project unless they want to help me in ME's room
  • Quiet time (read more of my Enki foundations guide for the book study Im participating in)

From there Im not sure... More to come!


APKimberMama said...

I am right with you. I keep telling myself that there has to be enough time to do it all, but there really isn't if I want to stay sane.

My priorities this week are boys, lessons, laundry, and meals. Everything else is extra. Of course, already, I'm thinking that the libabry books are do, I have to pay bills the 13th, we're out of bananas, etc. So the trick is finding ways to make those things part of the rhythm in a nourishing way. For instance, I know tomorrow morning we can walk to the local grocery store and buy bananas, thus combining movement and an errand.

I haven't found a good time to take the boys to the library. If I take then when most of the other chidlren are in school they are "too loud" simply because no one else is making noise. That's very stressful. Other times already have activities and lessons planned, and our evenings are usually full. We can go in the evening, but not precisely every 2 weeks when the books are due.

APKimberMama said...

Ack--I wish I could edit. That should read that the library books are due, not do.