Monday, July 10, 2006


Well it has been quite the eventful weekend. Unfortunately the one big thing we love to do each year fell through the cracks, but for good reason.

We were very busy on Friday getting the garage emptied out and finishing building and filling the shed. GM got to help Dad a lot on the building of the shed, and seemed to have a pretty good time with it. It was basically a big snap together sort of project, but with LEGO boy, it was a hit!!

Saturday we walked around the house and yard thinking out the details for all the renovations, how many plugs in here, will we continue the wood floors into the kids rooms, should we replace all the windows in the house, or just try to clean and reseal the ones that we have??? Also on Saturday we had our first contractor come out and talk with us about what we want. He is working up our bid, we had another (an old school friend of my husband's) come out on Sunday.

On another note a new yahoo group got rolling for Enki users. Im so happy to have this new support and a sense of community. I think it will really help me with some questions, or just feeling like others are in or have been in a similar space as I am. The group is private, and only for people who are Enki book owners, but that is good because we can really dredge through our questions and thoughts without feeling like we may be misrepresenting Enki to those who dont have it, or possibly coming up against some copyright issues. There is also a sense of comfort coming from the fact that we can name our kids names, or talk about the towns we live in etc without feeling strange or too open to those with different intentions.

Dh starts his new job today, this has been a big thing in our lives that I havent really been able to write about, but he was offered a position with a company that he was working for via another company. It is a great opportunity for him, and he is really excited about it, although the transition made him feel uneasy. He didnt want to hurt anyone's feelings where he was working or leave them feeling like he somehow hurt them. He really likes the guys he was working with and has a lot of respect for them, I think the thought of them being upset with him made him feel uneasy. But, in the end they totally understood that he couldnt pass it up, and have been great to him. So things feel better and he is definitely resting more comfortably.

So, what is going on this week...
  • Finish our blueprints for the house projects
  • Move the boys into ME's room so we can demo theirs for the new dining area
  • Paint the wall that is around our yard
  • Read each day, do our morning and evening rhythm
  • Tend the gardens (we got all the fall plants in this weekend)

Those are the big things, I will post more on the daily later.


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