Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday, continuing with Baby Steps

Okay, just a quick list to get my head straight for the day.

  • Garden, water, weed, and redirect more vines from the watermelon and pumpkins
  • Tend the animals
  • Check in with the Enki online group (during my coffee time)
  • Waffles for the kids, smoothies for GM and I
  • Pack a lunch for the park
  • Park time with friends
  • Pet shop to get pinkies for Oreo, and crickets for Phillup (yeah it spelled that way)
  • Pick up our veggies and milk from Los Poblanos
  • Home
  • Storytime (reread the story from yest afternoon)
  • Paint more of the wall in the yard
  • find the countertop guy's phone number
  • Bake gf cookies with GM
  • Date night with GD (dinner and target)
  • Read more of my Enki guides, also review doing the Enki Web activity
  • Check in with the Enki online group
  • Sleeeeeeeep. :-)

Okay so that is the rough outline. Im trying to be sure that I am touching on each of my priorities. No morning walk today, park instead, also no movement due to our several hours of outdoor time. I need a chart of a key system for making sure I am touching on each of the things I want to within each day. However as goofy as this is, it is working for me. LOL


E Walsh said...

Hi - I'm relatively new to Enki & homeschooling but love reading your posts. They are very inspiring. I was wondering about the Enki online group -- is that something that Beth has organized? I've ordered the foundation books and the early childhood manual, and am preparing to order the nature stories & Kind. movement book (I have to stagger my purchass for budget reasons).


Erin Walsh

Blissfulbee said...

It is not run or monitored by Enki, but what you need to do is email Beth and tell her you want to be able to join the "closed yahoo group" and could she please forward your email address onto Kimberly. She will forward it and Kimberly will send you and invite. Beth's verification is the only way we know who actually is a book owner or not.... blah blah blah. But it is a great thing and a wonderful support.

See you there.