Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well a new friend (thanks Kat) suggested that I create one space in our home that is really a retreat away from the chaos of construction. I was ignoring my room for last each day because I think I thought it was selfish to put the tiny amount of energy I had into something that wasnt a part of the mayhem. I hadnt been making our bed or keeping the toys out or even putting the laundry away in an orderly way. But when Kat mentioned that I realized I was doing it backwards, instead of thinking it was wrong of me to use that little energy I had left to do my own space, I realized that it was BECAUSE I wasnt creating that space to rejuvenate. So I did it! Yest I got rid of a bunch of stuff, took out a table in my room that seemed to be just a junk gatherer, washed all our linens, made our bed, dusted everything (the fan, the curtains, the windowsills and our baseboard heaters). It was GLORIOUS! Both my husband and I slept like we havent slept in weeks!!! My husband's last words last night before starting to snore were "wow I love these sheets". LOL

It is important to take that time to create atmospheres that feed our souls and help us find our center again. I know that, but I forgot! I was so caught up in the chaos that I lost site of the very reason we are even doing this renovation. We are trying to create a home that nourishes us. Obviously in that process I need to honor the objective, not just wait for it to begin once the house is done!

Thanks Kat for the reminder, and for helping me remember how important it is to feed myself first, so that I may feed everyone else appropriately!!!

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HeyJulieMama said...

Omigosh, I did the same thing this weekend. How funny. I also bought us drapes for our bedroom - finally, after living 8 years with sheets or my husband's BATH ROBE over the windows! LOL! I thought the same thing - this is not nourishing us in any way.

What a difference. We love that room now... even though right now dh is sleeping in another room with ds #1. But it seems everyone is loving this new look and we're hoping to at least transiition all of us into that room to sleep... but that is another story.
: )