Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Generation Renovation

No, we havent fallen off the planet, but we have been sucked into the renovation black hole. Im hoping to be spit out the other side some time this fall. Currently we are working on the renovations that are inside of the house we are living in. The addition is coming in a week or so, and lets just say chaos definitely creates chaos!

Projects this week...
  • meeting with the countertop guy and finalizing the design
  • electrician (dear friend Sal) fixing the electrical issues that come from ripping down two walls.
  • Also installing recessed lighting in the dining area
  • Meeting with the contractor and finalizing the design for the addition
  • Removing the front closet and the wall between the entryway and the hall.
  • Fixing all the floors from the wall removal
  • Removing the tile floor from the entry way.

So basically Im coming up for air here and there but my current obsession is with sucking up all the drywall dust that has taken over my ENTIRE world!!!!!!!

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APKimberMama said...

Ah, I remember our remodeling chaos, and we weren't even moving walls or adding a room. We did a kitchen remodel, had a custom built-in done in our breakfast nook, gutted the front bathroom (down to removing plaster and lathe) and redid it from scratch, had the house painted inside (including nook furniture and all trim touched up and refinished), and had the wood floors refinished, including putting new wood floors in the kitchen and laundry room,and removing a huge floor heater vent and having that patched.

Luckily it was 3 years ago, and we were able to live in our trailer for most of it. For about 3 weeks we spent days in the trailer but could sleep in the house at night, and then for 3 weeks we took the trailer to the campground and stayed there (Papa commuted). Having the trailer at home was worse, because it was hot and I was trying to keep a 3YO and a 4YO happy in about 30 square feet. We went to the bagel shop every morning for breakfast, and to the park every evening.

Oh yeah, we did remove a wall in the bathroom.

Good luck, and hopefully you can check in now and then.