Monday, July 10, 2006

I made butter!

Okay, so Im a HUGE nerd, but I did it! I made two different kinds of butter this weekend. I was so giddy about it too, geez!!!!

Basically I took two little half pints of organic heavy cream and put it into the Vita Mixer and paddled and blended it until the whey pulled away and BAM, butter!!! So then I made one have a little bit of sea salt, and the other has local honey. Im so darn happy with it and how yummy it is. The kids were quite impressed with me. LOL I believe we will be adding this to our Sunday baking and kitchen time. It was just too fun. Also a bit cheaper than regular organic butter in the stores.

Now Im just waiting for those birds to start laying and WOOHOO we will be off and running!!!!

On a side note, I also made gluten free tortillas that were terrific, and some corn tortillas from corn I ground myself (in the Vita Mixer). Mmmmmmm

My husband was laughing and teasing that I could go back in time, I said only if I could take my Vita Mix with me!!!! :-)

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