Monday, July 31, 2006

Junior Zookeeper

This week GM will be participating in a program just outside of town where he will get to learn all about the care and support of local animals that have been rescued from one thing or another. There are bears, mountain lions, wolves, lots of birds, elk, and of course reptiles.

Im a little anxious about it, as it is his first things since the new diet changes that he will be doing without me standing near by to help center him.

I find it interesting to see how much more difficult it is for me to let go of this anxious feeling than it is for him. I wonder how many of us Mom's continue to think we are needed to help center our kids when they have actually matured, or had developmental breakthroughs. When really they are fine and we just have to start to feel comfortable with this new stage. I wonder a lot how much I assume about what he can and can not handle.

I guess today we will see. He has a friend who is going too, which could be a good thing, or not. It depends on how they are able to focus when together. They both are really playful when they are together, so this may be good for them. They both have a strong interest in the subject, and the entire thing is an outdoor program. Two big plusses on their side. :-)

I will update this afternoon!

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