Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We had a really nice morning today. GM and ME and I spent a quiet, long morning outside. GM played in the chicken yard for over an hour before deciding to build a sandcastle tunnel on the playground. ME played with her little duck animal thing GD got her last night at our big Target outing. I watered the gardens, pulled some weeds and sat in the shade with my coffee enjoying watching them play so quietly. It was silent except for the birds. What a great way to wake up the day.

GD was sleeping in, he is growing right now and seems to be alternating with GM on the sleeping in thing. Yesterday GM slept until 9am and today GD slept until the same time. They go to bed at a good time, but the growing has them working hard in their sleep so they just need that extra time. I never wake them. I never have. I guess I should say that I am lucky not to have kids who if they sleep until 9am wont go to bed until 11pm. They still go to sleep at around 9pm, some days later, some days right at 9pm.

Anyhow, it was a nice morning, the kind of morning I would love to have each day. It is nice to get a glimpse of what Im after here and there. It helps me to keep moving forward with my efforts. I just loved sitting out there soaking in the time with the kids so engaged in their own things, the morning breeze blowing by and a great cup of coffee. Does it get any better than that??? It doesnt hurt that our garden is looking TERRIFIC right now. We have had some rains that have really encouraged a lot of abundance!!! In fact while sitting there watching the moment I kept thinking of that word... abundance... the garden, the kids, the breeze, the coffee, the sunshine, the quiet... it was an abundant morning.

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