Monday, July 24, 2006


After sorting through a tremendous amount of clothing today and getting rid of four trash bags full (to donate) I came to a revelation! Well, a revelation for me at least. :-)

The largest part of my housework struggles come from dishes and laundry, because they are never ending. However my other issue with laundry comes from the kids having to dig through their drawers to find things, I have tried to hang as much clothing as possible on hangers to keep this from happening, but not enough!

I really dont like to fold laundry. there are times when I am fully caught up, that I enjoy neatly folding our laundry and putting it into clean frewsh drawers, but I can count on one hand the amount of times THAT has happened!!! Plus I tend to fold all the laundry and put it on a dresser or something to "come back to" and of course it is on the floor, being walked on, and Im stuck washing it again!!!

So, with the exception of underclothing, swimsuits etc... We are going hanger only!!! It will be so much easier to get through those last two steps of doing laundry (folding and putting away) if all I have to do is put it on a hanger and hang it!!! Plus then we can see what we have easily, and the younger kids wont be pulling everything out to get to one shirt at the bottom of the pile.

Im so hapy about this, and the fact that I got rid of so much stuff!!! SIMPLIFYING!!! :-)


APKimberMama said...

Good for you! Decluttering feels so satisfying.

I have always hung the boys shirts and jackets, since they were babies (even onesies and other outfits). This way they are able to share a 5 drawer dresser with room to spare.

I hang the clothes on the hangers and put them on the line that way, so once they are dry I can just put them in the closet.

I've gotta run....

tracy said...

TErrific Kari! I have just started doing that with Allen's clothes. He was always going into my dh's closet to get a shirt because he couldn't "find any!". And I just went through Joey's drawers also-I didn't hang anything but that is a great idea. I'm figuring they wear the same clothes over and over and most just sits there so get it outta here!