Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So, how are those enzymes going???

Well, initially I was a bit concerned that I may be doing things in the wrong order, not having his gut fully healed before beginning the enzymes. BUT, after contact from Karen, who wrote the book I am using, and Dana, from Dana's view, and a consult with a Naturopath, I am feeling really good about it. Better yet GM is feeling really good! Is it miraculous? Maybe, maybe not. It is hard to tell when we are only a week and a half into it. However, we have seen some wonderful awakenings in him, and I will joyfully take any little morsel I can get! Some examples are....

  • We went to the park yesterday and I didnt have to (not even once) guide him through a social situation that he didnt understand or calm him from an emotional breakdown. Something that is usually a very frequent need at open play situations. He participated in a ball game (on his own) meshed in with the kids and eventually even had them interested in his favorite pass-time (using a rock to widdle a stick to a point). I observed him just walking around talking with his other friend, not just running about in an aimless silly over stimulated manner.
  • At the farm yesterday he picked up and bit into a strawberry!!! Oh yeah, a real fruit that has a leaf on it and little seeds all over it. He says he didnt like it, but still he actually put it into his mouth, which was HUGE!!
  • He has noticed and pointed out a sunset, even commenting on its beauty and calling out certain details about it (how the rays come through the clouds).
  • He has expressed interest and confidence in wanting to do some wood carving. Confidence hasnt been too big around here lately, so hearing him say things like, I thik I can do that, and such is big.
  • He has been helpful around the house, voluntarily. Even stopping in mid play to help Dad bring in some bags from the car, or volunteering to go with Dad to the hardware store, and to help me do some measuring at the furniture store. Not something he usually wants to do.
  • He loves the enzymes, and takes them with enthusiasm. He gets them out of the fridge, gets them out of the bottle and eats them happily! He has taken on a (limited amount) of responsibility with taking them at the right time etc... (All self initiated)
  • He is complaining a LOT less, and is much less negative. His little sister is still driving him a little nuts, but NOTHING like before.
  • He is recognizing the change in himself and wants to feel good like this. Even requesting an Epsom Salt bath before going to Grandma's tonight, so he can have a "good night".
  • We arent doing our lessons right now (through the transition) but he is reading on his own more often (Ive caught him reading a book on Egyptology, and some magazines) and he is writing more on his own too, making notes in his notebook that he keeps in his Adventure Pack.
  • He has demonstrated more confidence with his social skills, talking to others with more confidence. He took his money to Farmer Monte and asked to get a bag of food for his chickens, and told him about how they laid two eggs already. Normally he would really clam up in this situation and I would have to step in to keep the other person for getting really uncomfortable.
  • He has developed more of a sense of humor, which is coming from a better ability to "get it" and make connections. He is finding humor in a lot more places now.
  • He is asking questions that are more relevant and positive in nature. "How can I do more with my day", "Can I help with ME and GD to keep them happy"....

Plus more, but this is an example of the many improvements we have seen since beginning with the AFP Peptizyde, Zyme Prime, and the No-Phenol. This is in conjunction with being gluten free for two months, and continuing, also drinking a smoothie which contains all organic fruit, soy yogurt, Flazx Seed Oil, zync, protein powder, GSE and the occasional spinach and carrots.

I believe the smoothies help a lot with getting his body the much needed nutrients it lacks, but until we began the enzymes we really only noticed the die off from the yeast and the detox. The enzymes made an immediate change and have really helped us with encouraging him to WANT to feel good, instead of WANTING to feel badly.

I will continue to post our progress, but right now I would put this on our list of therapy choices that have worked for GM, right along side of the sensory integration therapy he started at 15 months old, HUGE strides!!!!


APKimberMama said...

This is such wonderful news! It is so satisfying when you make changes for your children and see the improvements. I am really happy for GM!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that your son is doing well on the enzymes. I'm impressed with your level of knowledge in this area. You mentioned the book that you read -- I was wondering which one you referred to. I'd like to try enzyme therapy for my son (who has SPD, possible Aspgerger's) but am not sure where to start. He's already on a milk & soy free diet but I'm also considering gluten free, which perhaps I have to do first. I'm sort of fumbling my way through this -- do you recommend doing this under the guidance of a naturapath?