Sunday, January 07, 2007

Week 1

This first week of 2007 has been just wonderful! I am so at peace now that we have the bulk of the construction behind us and we can look forward into this year without the stress and pressure of all that chaos. We were able to have company a few times, enjoy family time and get a lot of stuff done regarding our lessons and maintaining the house.

Currently our daily schedule has been ...

  • Coffee/computer (I check email, and send a message to a friend back east who trades to-do lists with me)
  • make our beds
  • clean up the house
  • breakfast/clean up from breakfast
  • lessons
  • lunch
  • free time/quiet time
  • independent practice work (math and reading)
  • fencing or company
  • dinner
  • family time (game night, movie night..._
  • bed

This next week I will try to get our yoga and movement back in place and continue with the progress we made this past week.

GM finished his chapter book he bagan on Tuesday and GD has only one chapter left. Both made terrific progress with their math and their main lessons. GM is currently studying the creation of the earth and universe via a wonderful book called Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells our Cosmic Story in conjunction with the reading and working of various cultural and religious creation stories. GD is loving learning more about the animals of winter and working some of the Enki winter nature stories. ME has even been trying to get in on the action with making little books about colors and animals that she likes. She doesnt know her letters yet as she is way too busy exploring the world around her, but she is definitely growing interest in things of that nature. Maybe she will be ready to learn some letters in the fall, but we'll see.

Anyhow, fencing is going great, and GD has asked to do some boys gymnastics again like he did in VA. ME wants to take a dance class for traditional Mexican Folk dancing. So in this new year I have decided to give it a whirl and support them wanting to be active in something outside of the home. I usually make them wait until they are older, but they both are so excited about it that I think I will see how it goes for this winter/spring season.

Oh yeah, we went to see Night at the Museum on Saturday with Grandma and it was so fun! Great movie for the whole family to enjoy together!

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