Friday, January 19, 2007

Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver

Our Science Coop is having our annual "To Know a Scientist" fair at the end of January. A date that with our travels has managed to sneak up on us at a rapid pace. Initially I was going to have the boys choose their own scientist. Last year GM did his Grandma who is still a working Chemist, and GD was too young to participate. It was a great project and I loved how it helped him learn about what it is that Grandma does. However, this year, as he crosses over from a grade three setup to more of a grade four, I want him to have to read a biography and write about someone who has had a larger impact on our culture and society. So I gave him the choice of a few, and he chose Thomas Edison. He began reading The Childhood Biography of Thomas Edison and we went to the library where we found a few other books to use in his research.

The Importance of Thomas Edison
Thomas Alva Edison A First Biography
Lifetimes Thomas Edison

He is pretty interested in it and has done a good job digging into the reading. This is his third chapter book for the month, which I am over the moon about! Anyway, this will be a first big project that we have decided to take seriously and I'm excited to see how it progresses!

GD is doing George Washington Carver, mainly because he loves peanut butter. :-) He has a nice short biography to read and we will work on his project presentation portion together. The kids don't necessarily have to present their projects, but usually they get asked a lot of questions, so it is good to be fully ready. He seems pretty happy with it and comfortable with the scope of things. Last fall he did his science fair project on how fast he could eat brownies with different toppings and it went really well. He learned a lot about the process and had fun telling his friends about how he got to eat brownies. :-)

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