Thursday, January 18, 2007

Family Getaway... Taos, NM to Denver, CO

A few months ago we planned a short family weekend getaway to Taos, NM. I had never been and the kids were definitely missing the snow of the east coast. So we found a place up in Taos Ski Valley where snow would be a guarantee and where after all the chaos of our lives under construction, we could finally have some really great family time together.

We went up to Taos on Friday evening, in the midst of what was supposed to be a HUGE snow and ice storm. Luckily we checked it out and nothing too bad was to hit Taos until after dark, and mostly on Saturday. So off we went.

Taos was adorable, well what I got to see as we drove past it on our way to the mountain. I really want to go back there and explore in the spring or fall when we can shop and eat and play some more.

We got to our cabin just after dark and realized that it was really far from anything except the store that it sat directly behind. I was really unhappy and we asked the people to move us closer to the village and they luckily were able to. this made a big difference in the quality of our stay, especially as the 18 inches of snow began to fall for the next two days. We didnt have to drive anywhere, we could walk to tubing, restaurants, and fun locations. We could explore and come and go really easily.

Saturday was just the best day I have had in a long, long time. We woke up, went to breakfast at Tim's Stray Dog Canteen where they have a WONDERFUL breakfast burrito smothered with red chili that will warm you up from the inside and then headed out to play and explore a bit.

The area is incredible with snow everywhere, deeper than I had ever seen. We walked to the ski lifts and played around a bit there, checked out the little shops and watched the people as they rode around on the ski shuttles that take them from their cars to the lift. It was really fun and cool.

After searching around for a good place to play, we found a great open space with uninterrupted snow and decided to go play there. It was up to my husbands waist!!! Well that is how far he sank, so you know it was deeper because he packes a lot down to fall in that deep. The kids were a lot lighter, so they were able to only sink in to about their thighs. We had to literally crawl to move. It was a blast!! We decided to make a fort under a picnic table that was level with the snow (the top of it was level with the snow). We thought we could make a fort beneath it but even after a lot of digging we couldnt all fit under it. The snow was just too hard to budge. We played around there and then decided to move over to another area in the trees, and out of the ind. We laughed so hard, I couldnt breath. We all kept trying to tackle my husband, but we couldnt get him down! the most fun was throwing the kids. Exactly how your throw them in a pool, we could throw them through the air and they would land in a puff of snow. they LOVED thi, but would be stuck like turtles on their backs. It was just a hoot!!!

That evening we went tubing on the small mountain bottom. Even ME was flying down the hill all by herself. I felt like a little girl again. Running and flying down on the tube on my belly. I cant remember the last time I got to do that. It was such a blast and such a fantastic way to spend an evening with our family.

All the people were just so nice and helpful. We went to get dinner at a little Pizza place called Crossroads and I asked if they would cool Grey a wheat free pizza I had brought for him, they were more than happy to help. So the whole family got to enjoy pizza together and laugh about our day.

We wrapped up our first night with a movie I brought called Millions. We all really enjoyed it and quickly passed out from a long day of play!

Sunday was beautiful, it snowed like crazy and we got to spend another day outside playing. It was significantly colder though. About 4 degrees, before the wind and -6 or so with it. We took a warm up break and played some games in our room before heading back out for more fun.

Monday we had to pack up for Denver and enjoyed our last yummy breakfast at Tim's. We will definitely come back to tTaos Ski Valley. The people were so incredibly nice and our stay was just the perfect combination of fun, excitement and relaxation. We had many hot chocolates, snow angels, and battles to last us until next year. I cant wait to go again!

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Regan said...

Wow - you did a lot! Looks like a lot of fun! Tammi