Friday, January 05, 2007

Fly Away Home

Well we just had the most wonderful family movie night watching Fly Away Home. I highly recommend it to the few of you out there who may not have seen this movie. We all cried and just absorbed what a wonderful story it was. Having raised a dozen chickens this year (not the same thing, but still)I think it touched us all the more. The two weeks of having them live inside of our house when a sudden cold front hit our area didnt hurt either.

Anyway, GM is outside now in the dark, 15 degree weather spending time with the girls in their coop. He asked Dad to come with him so he could hang out out there and hold them for a while. Im happy to see that it touched him in some way. GD cried with me, but I ALWAYS cry at movies! I just get lost in them. It seems that GD does too.

I dont think any of us will look at a flock of migratory birds in the same way.

I just loved it!!!

PS. ME is out there now too. She wanted to give one of them a hug. :-)

Operation Migration

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