Monday, January 08, 2007


Today was our first day back with our science coop. One of the mom's has this unit and is presenting and letting the kids explore the world of Cryptozoology. They loved learning about the many different ways that you can describe the sighting of a lake monster or of a Yeti or even just a kangaroo. The kids got to listen to many cryptid descriptions while sketching what they heard. It was a lot of fun. Some of our friends from VA who have very recently begun homeschooling came today too and got to meet some of our other friends. Plus we had a couple other new families join in the fun.

The boys both enjoyed the morning and ME had a lot of fun playing in the play-doh and visiting her friends. Afterwards we came home and sat down to work on some math and the boys each got to pick their books to read this week. GM chose another chapter book and GD chose an expanded form of The Gingerbread Man. He loves that story!

Tonight my Brother-in-law is supposed to come over to play LEGOs with the boys and my husband. They have really been looking forward to this as they really enjoyed their playtime with their uncle last week. GM made a cryptid to show him and GD is working on something up there that I havent had the honor of checking out.

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