Monday, January 29, 2007

Scientist Fair was great

Our Science Coop Scientist Fair was a great success today. There were about thirteen scientists profiled and presented by the children and everyone really seemed to have a good time. We had Galileo, Jane Goodall, Goddard, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver and Louis Pasteur among others. The boys did a nice job with their projects and GD even presented his to the group. He was very proud of his project and enthusiastic about Carver. He is still just amazed that he made more than 300 different things out of peanuts. :-)

We then went to GM's Science Class at the museum and he had a great time learning abut Polymers while the rest of us played with the experiments in the museum. GM and GD are forming a nice friendship with two other boys who are new to homeschooling and whose family we have known for years. So that is nice too. Im glad to see them branching out a bit and expanding their circle of friends.

Im afraid the winter colds have hit our family even giving ME walking pneumonia last week, plus an ear infection. I felt really bad for her, but, as always, she was a trooper and is on the mend. We are having one of those years where you gt everything that comes down the lane. It seems like we get that way every few years. This year I think it has a lot to do with the construction in our home, the rise in fumes and dust and the exhaustion of the chaos. Once our systems were worn down by that, we didnt stand a chance. Lets hope it is better next year.

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