Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Denver Children's Museum

After our morning at the US Mint we headed over to the Children's Museum. It was a really cool colorful building right off the highway and directly across the parking lot from Six Flags Denver, which GD was drooling over. :-)

It cost the four of us just over $25.00 to get in, and adults do have to pay as well. When I walked in and saw the gift shop area, I immediately thought, "hmm everything looks like baby toys" but that was it. We first got to play on the firetruck and inside of the fire prevention space. The kids all enjoyed that and we had fun taking silly pictures. But again, I was noticing that GM was quite bigger than the other kids, and that eveyone was basically smaller than ME, who is newly four. they had this really fun room that we wanted to check out, but it was only for kids under age four, so we couldnt go in. :-(
So we were off to the upstairs which is where the majority of the museum was located. It was really nice. they had a lot of great fun things to do and play with, and of course everything was interactive. I was so bummed though because everything had age limits on the entries, ages 4-8 was the majority of the space. ME and GD had a ball playing in the nature room. It was really cool, with animal costumes and differnt habitas to play in. It was done so nicely. But, there were so many mom's sitting around with their infants on their laps and sort of giving the bigger kids (within the age limits) the stink eye as they ran by. I was so annoyed. They have a HUGE room downstairs for infants to roll around in, so go there! Well this is what I thought. GM of course didnt do anything in this space because it was not for his age or size. I was just so bothered that I was following their age limits and getting the stink eye and they were just sitting their chating with each other on some sort of infant playdate in the middle (literally the middle) of the playstructure. UGH!!!!!

Okay, enough of my grumpiness on that. The museum had a great grocery shopping play
area that they all enjoyed and ME and GD made some great paintings in the Arts area. It is a really great museum to visit if you have young, young children. It was PERFECT for ME and I was thrilled to see her having so much fun. GD loved it too. He is so young at heart that he was just eating up the imaginative play areas and the fun of just running about with other kids.

GM was so mature and nice. He helped ME and GD to have a good time and helped me when the two of them wanted to be in different areas. He would help me to keep an eye that GD (king wanderer) wasnt roaming off while I was with ME. It is terrific that he is becoming so mature and able to be of so much help to me. He was also really mature about not being able to really do anything here. I can see him being upset about not being able to climb on this or do something, but he really handled it well. For a while he played int he Thomas train section with a bunch of three year old kids making them super tracks to drive their trains on. LOL It was cute!!!

If in Denver, check it out if you have small children. It is clean, well stocked and the layout makes it easy to keep an eye on multiple children. Which I am always grateful for. :-)

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