Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Could Gluten-Free actually be working??

In returning to our lessons after the holiday break I have noticed a large improvement in GM's ability to get through his materials without issue. He hasnt really ever struggled with doing his work correctly, it was just that it took him so long to do so. We would move through some things quickly, but reading and writing were really slow and often required a lot of encouragement from me.

In talking on the phone with a friend of mine who also has a chld with Aspergers I realized that I am no longer having to nudge him to keep him focussed. I used to have to say "focus" time and time again, just to get through a basic lesson. I havent had to say it to him once in the past two weeks. I used to really have to do this when he was reading, and especially if he was reading something of any length. Now I am telling him to read two chapters at a time and he is doing it without even a grimace or the need for me to tell him to focus again.

We have been gluten-free for about seven months now. In talking to my friend I realized that maybe, just maybe it is the new diet that is helping us through this particular area of challenge. I kept thinking that he just hit a point of maturity, forgetting that the diet could be actually helping us in some way. But in thinking about it, I have to say that Im thinking the diet is what is supporting him right now. He is being far more positive about his fencing too. Just over the break he didnt even want to show anyone his "moves" because he gets so shy about it and then when it was time to return to fencing, he seemed uninterested. But then we went last week and even though the kids he bouted with were at least thirteen years old, he came away from it all happy and positive. This is rare for our little Eeyore. He was telling me about how that big boy got a lot of touches on him, but he got a few on him too and that he was really proud of his improvement. He actually said "Im proud of my improvement". Also when asked if anyone wanted to stay for open gym and practice a bit more after class he was the only one who said yes. Another sort of "off character" thing for him. He is usually pretty ready to go after the 1:15 class.

He is also getting up and making his own bed EVERY day, without asking. Also cleaning up his room, without drama.

I dont know, maybe it is a combo of maturity and the diet, but I have to wonder. Could this be due to the benefits of being gluten-free??

All I know is that we wont be going off it anytime soon!!!!

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